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Volunteer and Member Engagement

JFFixler Group transforms organizations through innovative volunteer engagement strategies. Volunteers represent a limitless resource of skills and talents and today’s volunteers are motivated by the chance to share these skills in meaningful ways.

Strategic cultivation can lead to increased impact and sustainable organizations.  As a cutting-edge thought leader and developer of volunteer engagement solutions, JFFixler Group empowers organizations with the knowledge, guidance, and framework for creating a more dynamic and effective volunteer engagement model.

JFFixler Group is re-inventing the volunteer engagement model:

  • We bring a new model and approach to volunteer engagement.
  • We offer an innovative mindset that mobilizes volunteers and leverages existing resources.
  • We work alongside staff and volunteer leaders, using volunteer engagement as a tool and strategy to fulfill an organization’s mission and build capacity beyond what staff alone can accomplish.

JFFixler Group is re-engineering how organizations view, cultivate, and utilize volunteer resources:

  • We move volunteer engagement from a static program to a dynamic, enterprise-wide asset.
  • We improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and evaluation of volunteer engagement.
  • We focus on collaborative learning so that the operational and cultural changes “stick,” and capacity continues to grow beyond our time with the organization.

JFFixler Group is re-vitalizing organizations so they can better capitalize on limitless resources to achieve their mission:

  • We are innovative leaders in volunteer engagement strategies and solutions with decades of combined professional experience in the field.
  • We are passionate about our model and infuse our energy and inspiration into the core of our client organizations.
  • We enable organizations to partner more effectively within their communities.
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