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Imagine a world in which your organization has all the resources it needs to:

  • Serve more clients and members
  • Deliver more programs
  • Strengthen staff
  • Raise more funds
  • Spread your message more widely
  • Be recognized as leaders in your field

JFFixler Group transforms organizations through innovative volunteer and member engagement strategies. Volunteers and members represent a limitless resource of skills and talents. As a cutting-edge thought leader and developer of engagement solutions, JFFixler Group empowers organizations with the knowledge, guidance, and framework for creating a more dynamic and effective engagement model by strategically tapping into that pool of talent and skills to increase impact.

Through strategic engagement:

  • Staff accomplish more than they can on their own
  • More people choose your organization as the place to volunteer or join
  • Your organization has increased capacity to provide valuable services to clients, members, and the community
  • Community awareness goes up, leading to greater support for your work
  • Donations from volunteers, members, and the community increase, strengthening financial sustainability

JFFixler Group provides the services, tools, strategies, and expertise to support you in embracing engagement as a key business strategy. Working with JFFixler Group, your impact will grow.

Volunteer and Member Engagement

Customized Training

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